On May 2, 2016, Corbis Images and Corbis Motion closed their doors to new customers. Many creative professionals were surely distraught by the news. However, the stock media site reassures its avid consumers that they got them covered. Corbis is moving the best of their content to Getty Images. That’s right! Two of the biggest and best stock media libraries in the industry are merging to provide the creative community access to more stunning content.


The merging of Corbis Motion and Getty Images will improve the two stock media sights global services as well as their expert insights. But, what does it really mean?

  • Corbis Motion is closed for business. Their website is no longer accessible, but all Corbis customers are invited to enjoy the expanded benefits of Getty Images.
  • Visual China Group (VCG) acquired the rights to Corbis Motion, Corbis Images and Veer. In case you’re wondering why the sudden merger. VCG has a partnership with Getty Images.
  • All Corbis customers will no longer have access to their content and account. They will also have no access to previous activities.
  • For those with existing agreements with Corbis, they can inquire about transitions at Getty Images.
  • For Getty Images users, they can access their Corbis accounts with their current Getty account. If they don’t, Corbis automatically created an account. To ensure security, they can request for a new password by forgetting their previous one and entering their Corbis email address twice.
  • Not all Corbis content will be migrated. Only the most popular images, videos and collections will be moved to Getty Images.

corbis-motion-logoCorbis is moving to Getty Images for the better. It will give you more content to work on along with Corbis Motion, images, collections and image partners. To access Corbis content on Getty, simply use the current Corbis asset ID or visit Corbis collections. Now, you can purchase Corbis content at simple pricing with Getty’s Ultrapacks. Yes, you can also purchase the Corbis Motion, images and collections with Ultrapacks. Ultrapacks from Getty Images allow you to enjoy simplified licensing and built-in savings on royalty free creative assets, including images, videos and editorial content.

How can you be sure that you are still getting Corbis content?

Experts from Getty Images have selected significant amounts of Corbis content, which have been migrated and are available in Getty Images since May 2, 2016. The migration is still continuing this summer. This means that the Corbis content you will be getting at this point are some of the best in the stock media site.

What are you waiting for? Visit Getty Images now and get a whole new world of premium collection from Corbis. With Corbis and Getty combined, there will be an explosion of high quality content to choose from.